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Welcome to Rise Career Services

Find a new job, or advance in the one you love, without years of assuming you're headed in the right direction.

Career Placement

Step 1: We'll help you figure out the perfect career. Step 2: We'll help you find it. Step 3: We'll help you land it.

Career Advancement

Receive coaching on how to advance in the career you already love. Why not? You're already there and might as well rise.

Career Coaching

Are you looking for coaching to go from where you are to exactly where you want to be? We can help you rise in your career and everywhere else.

What are we up to at Rise Career Services?

We help people just like you rise in their career.

At Rise Career Services, we take great pride in helping people like you find deep purpose, fulfillment and joy in your job or career. Whether we’re helping you find, apply and interview for your next adventure, or simply helping you tweak your resume, we’re equipped and experienced to serve you.

We value integrity, faith, community and rising the tide for everyone.

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One step at a time.

What we're famous for.

Using our proven process, we can transform the overwhelming task of looking for a new career into a fun, successful and fulfilling journey.

First we do a deep dive with you to figure out exactly what you're looking for, and exactly how we're going to partner with you to help you get it.

Then we'll find you as many matching opportunities as possible that align with your goals, values and expectations, and show you where and how to apply for them.

At this stage, we've found several opportunities that would be a great fit for you, and now it's time for follow up, negotiations and decisions that best support your long term career roadmap and vision.
Closing the deal.

Now we're at the finish line, helping you cross it with confidence, excitement and equipped with the knowledge and strategies to advance quickly, transition well and have fun while you're doing it.

We love what we do.


Don't just take our word for it; we really do love helping people like you rise in their career.

...with a satisfaction guarantee.


The most important question you can ask yourself is this:

What would it cost me to NOT make a decision today to find a deeply fulfilling career?

(Hint: Years of time, years of less pay and years of wishing for something more... sounds expensive huh?)

  • Starter Package
  • $299
    One Time Fee
  • 1 Hour Consultation Call to discover your ideal career

    10-15 job opportunities + application links

    Resume Review

    (2) 30 minute follow up calls.

    No hidden fees.

    100% Money back guarantee.

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  • Start to Finish
  • $250
    to get started.
  • Two hour up front consultation.

    Unlimited job opportunities presented

    Application assistance

    Resume Review and Suggestions

    Interview coaching

    Follow up reminders and strategy

    No hidden fees.

    100% Money back guarantee.

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  • Career Coaching Call
  • $199
    One time
  • Ask questions, get expert advice.

    Discover things like:

    -Identifying your ideal career

    -How to find, apply for and interview for jobs

    -How to advance and and grow in your position

    -General career coaching and advice

    No hidden fees.

    100% Money back guarantee.

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Are you ready to get serious and rise from where you are to where you want to be?

Rise Career Services exists to help you find the job, career or path you desire to becoming deeply fulfilled through your work. If you’re reading this, you are probably already gainfully employed but your seeking something that further aligns with your values and compensates you equitably. Whether it’s a simple phone call to give you the advice, encouragement and strategy you need to get rise up in your career situation, or it’s partnering with us to help you find your dream career form start to finish…

We’re ready when you are.